America's Chaplain

Pathological grief occurs when a loss happens to such a degree that a person cannot come to a place of acceptance where life can continue. This book addresses the cyclical nature of grief with personal stories as well as corporate and national ones. You can move past remarkable loss. It doesn’t have to cripple you forever.

How do you move past overwhelming Grief and loss? 

Welcome to my page and thank you for taking the time to come here.  My desire for you is that you would prosper and be in health just as your soul prospers (3 John 2). Whether on a personal, corporate, regional, or national level, if I may be a support in any way, please feel free to utilize the resources that are available, including me in person!  I also designed the book so you could use it as a group study or project.  Do us all a favor and get out of the ditch and back on the path of life.

God speed,

Wade Jensen